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  • His favourite color is yellow.
  • He wants to visit the UK and Africa.
  • He is one of the lead singers in the band.
  • He was born on December 29, 1995.
  • He stars in Austin & Ally as Austin Moon.
  • He stars in My Friend Dahmer as Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • He has released an album for Austin & Ally featuring two R5 songs
  • He loves Japanese chewing gum.
  • He has been playing hockey since he was three years old.
  • He is the second youngest, but the youngest in the band.
  • He is an adrenaline junkie.
  • He is a fan of The Script.
  • He has to wet his hair before swimming, otherwise it turns green.
  • His middle name is 'Shor' after his uncle, because they have the same birthday.
  • His fans are mostly called Rossians.
  • Ross's fans, nicknamed Rossians, are usually put underfire by the rest of the R5 Family because they are mostly fans of the band just for Ross.
  • His favorite game is Battlefield 3.
  • He is 6'0.
  • He starred in Teen Beach Movie, a Disney Channel Original Movie, as Brady.
  • He also starred in Teen Beach 2, the second installment in the Teen Beach Movie franchise on Disney Channel, still playing his original character, Brady.
  • He is good friends with all of his old Austin and Ally co-stars.
  • He loves romantic movies, his favorite is Romeo & Juliet.
  • He had his first kiss at age 13 on the set of a short film and it was 22 takes filming the onscreen kiss.
  • He is a Capricorn.
  • Ross said he is a sucker for chick flicks.
  • His favorite chick flick is Romeo and Julet.
  • His mom, Stormie Lynch, does his hair.
  • He won "Favorite Male Actor" in Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014
  • Ross's favorite quote that he came up with, is "Music is poetry with personality."
  • He loves playing ice hockey.
  • He sleeps in the same room with his little brother Ryland.
  • Ross loves is siblings and enjoys having fun with them.
  • His younger brother Ryland is really close to him.
  • He starred in an animated film, Snowtime.
  • He used to date Courtney Eaton, but as of September 2017, the couple is broken up.
  • Ross is currently single.