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The following is a list of R5 facts.

  • Blonde is the natural hair colour of the Lynch kids and Ratliff is a natural brunette.
  • In 2012, R5 found a home in Hollywood Records. The Disney-owned record label represents some of the world's biggest stars such as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. With Hollywood Records, the band released an EP titled Loud in February 2013, with their debut album Louder slated for release on Sept 24, 2013 as a follow-up.
  • Rydel Lynch bandmate is Ellington Ratliff's long-time girlfriend.
  • Rydel and Ellington Ratliff's couple
  • The band members can always be seen wearing R5 guitar pink necklaces
  • officialR5 is the band's official name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Pink is pretty much the official official colour of R5.